At Stein Lasseigne, Inc., our history dates back to the opening of Stein Engineers, LLC in 1996 but our roots stretch far deeper than that. Our original founder, Michael Stein, began his career after graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976. He then spent the next 20 years of his career perfecting his craft before opening the doors to what would later evolve into Stein Lasseigne, Inc.

In 2006, the company would grow to add the talents of Nikolaus Stein.  His architectural background provides Stein Lasseigne with a perspective to understand the design concepts as visualized by our clients to achieve creative designs in a functional and practical manner.  The addition of Nikolaus Stein would result in the creation of Stein Engineers, Inc.

In 2012, the company would grow and restructure into Stein Lasseigne, Inc. with the addition of Robie Lasseigne.  Mr. Lasseigne provides a wide range of structural engineering experience and his knowledge of industrial facilities allows the company to extend its detail-oriented approach to a wider customer base.

With the support of our principals and talented staff, Stein Lasseigne continues to set its sight towards the future with the anticipation that your next project will be a part of it.