Michael Stein, P.E.

Mr. Michael Stein began his career in 1976 after graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in civil engineering and a concentration in structural and geotechnical engineering.  Since then he has developed a well-rounded background with extensive experience in concrete, structural steel, cold-formed steel, timber and aluminum structures.  Throughout his career Mr. Stein has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from the structural design of nuclear power plants to independent consulting to resolve structural problems with residential and commercial construction.


Nikolaus Stein

With a degree in architecture from Louisiana State University, Mr. Nikolaus Stein provides the guiding hand that ensures that every Stein Lasseigne project fits within the design concepts visualized by our clients.  Mr. Stein has worked in the engineering field since 2002 and uses a detail oriented approach to computer modeling of structures to minimize problems with interfaces encountered during construction.


Robie Lasseigne, P.E.

After earning a degree in civil engineering from Louisiana State University in 2003, Mr. Robie Lasseigne has been hard at work accumulating a wealth of experience in structural engineering and design.  He has extensive expertise in the design of industrial facilities and structures and has served as the lead engineer on numerous projects across the globe.   Mr. Lasseigne also holds an NCEES record which supports licensing reciprocity throughout the United States.