Expert Witness

Finding the right expert witness is critical to any case. As a 1976 graduate of MIT, Company Principal Michael Stein, P.E. possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to help correctly determine causality in cases involving structural-related litigation.  He has evaluated numerous structures and has used that extensive experience to offer his professional analysis in support of cases throughout Louisiana.  Mr. Stein offers an unbiased opinion to provide clients with a realistic assessment of a case’s viability before it proceeds.

As a testifying expert, Mr. Stein is able to clearly communicate complex terms and concepts in a manner that can be understood by all.  He is also very familiar with the pressures of cross-examination and is able to remain focused and on-point throughout all lines of questioning while maintaining a polished and professional demeanor.  Mr. Stein has been accepted as an expert by courts in East Baton Rouge (19th JDC), Ascension (23rd JDC) and Livingston (21st JDC) Parishes.