Due to the strong business from chemical and petrochemical plants, most structural engineering firms in the area refuse to take on residential clients. We got our start in residential and proudly continue to support our residential clients. Let us be your go to team for structural support. Give us a call to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.


Foundation Repair
You've heard the jingles and seen the television spots but not every crack in your foundation or sticking door is a need for foundation repair. Before you spend thousands of dollars on repairs, allow us to inspect your home and provide a thorough and easy to understand professional analysis of your home's foundation. The warning signs you see may not require expensive foundation repairs. In fact, unnecessary foundation repairs may create additional problems. Make an informed decision and call Stein Lasseigne.

Home Renovation
When it comes to home renovations it takes much more than a sledge hammer and tips from your favorite DIY show to get started. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor or architect, make sure your renovation is done right with professional input from Stein Lasseigne. Our experienced staff can help you transform your envisioned renovation into reality.

New Construction
Building your dream home can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, selection of house plans is only the beginning of the design process. In addition, you will also need framing, wind resistance and foundation designs which are critical to the proper construction of your home. Our professional staff can evaluate your plans and help your dream home become a stable reality.

If you’re an Architect working with residential clients we would be excited to provide structural consultation at any phase of any project you are working on.